AB Standard is one of the leading privately owned financial and industrial groups in Azerbaijan. Since establishment of its original member the "Most-Bank Azerbaijan" in 1995 (later renamed to the "Bank Standard"), AB Standard has been pursuing an enthusiastic and ambitious plan to ensure the Groups continuous growth and to bring up-to-date technology to support country transition to market economy. These objectives were the driving force of investments made by the Group in the various sectors of economy. Independent and privately-owned companies were set up to manage these increasingly diversified investments. They all are combined under the Group's supervision and are active in many sectors, such as manufacturing, finance, consulting, insurance, etc.

    Currently, AB Standard Group includes ten financially and operationally autonomous companies. The Group combines financial, industrial and unindustrialized sectors. The financial bloc includes "Bank Standard", the one of the largest local private commercial bank, the top-ranked "Standard Insurance", "Standard Capital" Brokerage Company. The industrial bloc consists of "AB Darnagul" Polymer Pipes Production Plant. Finally, the unindustrialized bloc includes "AB Legal Consulting Group" company, "AB Qala" Hotel and "Standard Football Club".